RAAM – A Race Like No Other

Welcome to RAAM 2019, this is a race like no other! So what does that really mean? We all know that riding a bike can be tough and riding it for several hours over chipseal pavement even tougher. But can you imagine yourself riding for 12 or 24 or 36 hours? Can you imagine yourself pedaling in the desert in 110 degrees into a headwind? These are factors that are presenting themselves in the first 6-8 hours of this race – a race that could last 12 days and the fastest finisher who is trying to best-the-record in sub 8 days.

Looking cool despite the 96degree heat

Today, we took Pete out on a reconnaissance of the first leg effort. We did a chunk of the ride yesterday and today was an elongated effort, to get us to the first time-station at Borrego Springs. For the effort, Peter rode for 3hrs 26 mins,  83.2km at an average HR of 137. He ascended 1,222 meters of climbing with an average temperature during his ride of 95 degrees. This is truly a tough effort and we are merely 144kms into this race of more than 4,945kms.

Grinding out the climbs

Peter was looking great throughout the effort and while the heat and wind created some challenges it all seemed quite manageable – very manageable when you are sitting in the car leap-frogging him! The good news, is that the racer has a crew, who can cater to his every whim to ensure that all his focus is on the task of turning the pedals.

Greg, KMan, Jack, Janet, Pete, Mr. O, QB on the Camera
with Dave, Diego and CA still to join

Today, we were handing Peter Gatorade G2 every 30 minutes so he was taking on at least 1 bottle/hour. He got sprayed with ice cold water every 15-30 minutes, he was handed ice-cold gels, he got his glasses cleaned and his garmin washed down. So we are trying to keep on top of everything the racer needs and in fact try to anticipate his needs so we can “get out in front” of those needs. Truly, this is a team effort to get us to the finish line. With that said, it takes extraordinary physical talent and mental strength in the racer to achieve the goal of finishing RAAM. We are looking forward to getting this race started on Tuesday at 1:36pm PT or 4:36pm EST, when Pete will be the 4th to last departing from Oceanside California. Stay tuned, check back daily and send Peter notes through the “Good Vibes” reply.

I got this but I need your positive vibes!

2 thoughts on “RAAM – A Race Like No Other

  1. Thanks for the detailed blog! It is fantastic! You all are amazing for taking on RAAM! I am sending lots of positive vibes to all of you, but especially to my big brother! Love ya, Pete! You got this!


  2. Pete you have all the positive thoughts and energy behind you. You got this RAAM 🙂

    The blog is great and nice way to get us hooked to what is going on out there on the road!

    Be Safe Team Pete Oyler .. Go Team Go!!


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